Sustainability at Wertheimer Box Corporation

Sustainable Forestry Initiative   Wertheimer manufacturers natural, recyclable packaging    

The corrugated packaging industry is, and has been the leader in manufacturing natural, recyclable packaging for many years. Corrugated containerboard is predominately made from wood pulp, a sustainable, renewable, often-farmed resource using wheat or cornstarch to glue it together. It is recyclable, and biodegradable. In fact, 78 % of all corrugated is recovered for recycling, which makes corrugated the recycled leader in the packaging industry. Nearly 60 % of the energy used by the U.S. paper industry comes from renewable biofuels.

Wertheimer Box Corporation is certified to the SFI Certified Sourcing Standard (Sustainable Forestry Initiative). This ensures that the paper we use is acquired only from responsibly managed and renewable sources. In fact 93% of all corrugated is made with material supplied by SFI Program participants.

At least 35% of the total corrugated packaging Wertheimer Box produces is from 100 % recycled, paper (100 % post consumer), with the remainder having a recycled content of 35% to 78% (52% to 69% post consumer) depending on the paper grade and it's producer. Our plant uses water-based inks for our print operations. All of the corrugated trimmings, which are the largest waste by-product of our manufacturing process, are recycled. The plastic strapping used to package our product is recyclable.

In addition to the inherent green attributes of the corrugated product itself, we have an excellent design department and highly experienced sales representatives that are always looking for ways to reduce packaging for our customers. We will, upon request, evaluate your entire packaging lineup with the goal of finding ways to consolidate and reduce your packaging material volume.

We maintain membership in various packaging industry professional organizations, and subscribe to most industry publications, so that we are always up-to-date on the latest technologies and practices in our industry. Wertheimer Box Corporation will continue to seek new ways to improve our performance in recycling, sustainability, pollution control, energy efficiency, and source reduction.

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